Toronto is one of North America's largest cities, but it has fallen behind in how our residents and visitors mobilize around the city. Our Transit strategy must take in consideration public transit, road maintenance and revitalization, walking and cycling paths and a progressive look on parking.

Cycling: Cycling friendly initiatives must be included as an essential part of a wider strategy to reduce traffic congestion and for Toronto to become a more sustainable city. Cycling is one of the cleanest and most energy efficient forms of transportation and many residents have chosen to make it part of their daily routine either as a form of transportation or just for pleasure. Initiatives as separated bicycle lanes, Public bicycle system, Increased bicycle parking, Bike-friendly events must be promoted and expanded.  

Public Transit: We most work towards a more efficient, convenient, affordable and reliable public transit system. For more than 20 years we have discussed how to expand public transportation and how to connect our two international getaways. 

By using the current infrastructure we could have an effective working transit system faster, at a lower cost and without interrupting the city's current traffic. 

Toronto needs to connect business and tourist areas in a more effective way in order to promote business for residents and the city. 

Roads: Roads maintenance is one of the priorities in the transit strategy and must be executed in a timely, cost effective matter. Constructions and repairs must be avoided during peak business hours and should be delivered as scheduled. So that business could continue their regular operations without interruptions. 

We must also regulate and enforce construction permits so that no simultaneous constructions are taking place in adjacent streets so that road closures that could create congestion are avoided. Development companies, private and public contractors must be fined if roads are blocked without any work being performed causing unnecessary traffic congestion. 

Walking: Sidewalks must be available and safe for all. By having wider sidewalks and with the proper maintenance we will encourage residents and visitors to walk promoting a healthier lifestyle. Accessible an well maintained walking trails will provide enjoyment to residents, visitors and their families by giving them the opportunity to have a safer contact with nature. 


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