Key Issues


We need to build stronger communities for the short and long term. An example is the Baycrest Arena and surrounding tennis courts where they have neglected. This needs to change. There has been evidence where partnership has been developed withe private sector to improve our community centres, arenas and basketball courts. My strong business acumen is a proof I am able to get the job done.

Our Schools should be neighbourhood hubs to encourage physical activity, learning and programming for our kids.

We need more than arts. We need innovation. I will support public services and create jobs with our struggling communities by making The City more open to innovation. I would unleash the power of open data to improving City services.

I would support improvement to our policing which includes more community integration and not by carding and reviewing the police budget with fine tooth comb.


I would support planners and let do their work. I would take politics out of planning. We have had 4 years of divisive politics that has gotten us no further. I will support what has already been established with the Big Move and support the Downtown Relief Line get on with building the Northeast Light Rail Line.

I support traffic light synchronization to have our traffic flow smoother. It is simply updating the transportation software to make this happen.

Our property tax dollars have been stretched. I would not shy away from finding creative ways to fund our large infrastructure projects. I would not hide behind the provincial government. If larger Cities like Vancouver, Denver and L.A can be creative, why can’t Toronto?

I will work on improving bus service for our ward.

I would support making Allen Road a surface where our communities would not be separated any longer. This would create true grid network and promote walkability and community cohesion. This would be significant when The Lawrence Heights Revitalization comes on line in the near future

I would support the improvement of our bike network by closing some gaps and providing additional bike lanes including grade separated bike lanes on Dufferin and Oakwood

I would work with Oxford Properties and Metrolinx to Provide upgrades to the Yorkdale Bus Terminal


If elected, I would be accountable to you, the residents of Ward 15. I would show up every day for votes that matter not only to
residents but also to the City.

I would post my office expenses online for my constituents to see. I would hold community meetings on a quarterly basis in various parts of the community to hear what is important to you.

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